Arthur James


  1. 21 June
    Conor Byrne

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Born in Riverside, California, the oldest child in a military family, Arthur James has been traveling all his life. His songs are the landmarks of his journey and they paint vivid landscapes of the many thousands of miles he’s seen in a struggle to find the meaning of ‘home’.
Arthur grew up all over the world as his father, a filipino immigrant, came to the US, became a citizen and joined the Air Force. Growing up was, in some ways, a solitary endeavor, socially. So, Arthur took to creative outlets and, after many years of drawing and painting, began writing songs when he was fourteen.  Music became and has since been a place of refuge and solace. 

His lyricism lends to his patience and attention to the substance of every song, with nods to his influences, Gregory Alan Isakov, David Bazan, Justin Vernon, Matt Skiba and John K. Samson. His writing has been described as “complex and intelligently constructed.”


"..a brooding singer-songwriter" - Phillip Johnson, Seattle Music News

"With such a populated indie and folk music scene in Seattle, it can be hard to discover new artists doing something different from the rest of the pack, but Arthur James stands out as a bold and sharp songwriter and singer among the crowd." - Northwest Music Scene

"..guided by the complex, thoughtful lyricism and melodic, simplistic instrumental lines." - Chloe Hoy, Permanent Rain Press

"Arthur's strong voice and touching lyrics will move you." - Shannon Laws, New Americana Hour